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Filtration systems for the home.

Turn bad water into good water! Remove harsh excess chemicals that cause dry, irritated skin and hair. Harsh water can also shorten the life of your dishwashers, washing machines, and other home appliances. Do you and your family a favor, and get a whole house water filter now!

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Physical Benefits

Enjoy softer hair and skin

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Reduces Minerals

Get cleaner, filtered water

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Removes Chlorine

Gives you better tasting water

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Protects Appliances

Removes harmful compounds

What are the benefits of having a Whole House System?

A Whole House Water System helps improve the water in your home by removing harsh chemicals and minerals that should not be in your water. Whole House Water Systems removes calcium, magnesium, and turbidites (all minerals that contribute to hard water), which causes skin and hair dryness. Additionally, removing these minerals with a water softener allows your home appliances to heat up water quicker (since softer water is much faster to heat), which increases your appliances life span. The hardness in ground water (wells and aquifers) create a corrosive build up that will be noticed on dishes, shower doors, faucet outlets and toilet bowels.

Does your House Use City Water?

  • For homes that use city water we recommend a 10″ chlorine filter.
  • Housing, filter, delivery, and installation for this system will be $250 all together.
  • We usually have to install a 3 way bypass which costs $30 extra.
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Does your House Use a Well/Pump?

  • For homes on a well, we recommend a 20″ sediment filter.
  • Housing, filter, delivery, and installation for this system will be $350 all together.
  • We usually have to install a 3 way bypass which costs $30 extra.
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Whole House Water Filters:
Why Are They Necessary in Idaho?

Idaho’s water contains more foreign substances than many states. These substances can cause havoc on homes – and – chances are you have experienced the side effects of some of these substances.

  • Ferrous and Ferric Iron = yellow or rust color on porcelain
  • Manganese = blackish stains on fixtures and laundry
  • Hydrogen Sulfide = rotten egg smell in water
  • Tannins = yellow or brown cast In water supply

These substances are not only annoying, but they are also harmful. That is why it is especially important in Idaho to get a Whole House System, since it can remove these minerals.

What’s it like to work with All About Water?

Our process is incredibly simple and customer-friendly. All you have to do is get in touch with us and we’ll work with you to determine the best solution for your home water needs – and at a cost that fits your budget. We’ll even provide a water analysis and free local delivery!

Water Analysis

Bring a sample of your home’s water to our store and we’ll give you a report of its contaminants and how to fix them.

Local Support

Our store is located here in Meridian, ID. We provide local support because we stand behind our products and installations.

Made in the U.S.A

Every softener we sell is made entirely in the United States – which means it’s the best quality and supports our economy.

Ready to have better water?
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When it comes to whole house water filter systems, there are a lot of options. Our experts will help you get the right system at the best price – including local delivery & installation!

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