Water And Your Body

water droplets

At All About Water LLC, we process the water with some of the best, most sophisticated water treatment available. Our process eliminates the nasty stuff in water that none of us want to drink.The equipment that is used at our store, treats, filters and cleans the water, (and that’s better than using your body as the filter)… That gives you and your family, safe, clean water, and you can taste the difference.

Why do we want water to taste great? Because if it taste great, folks will drink it, and that’s important for their overall health. Human beings can survive without food for thirty or more days. But without water, life would end in three to five days. Just think about it, what are two of the most plentiful elements on our planet, yes water and air, and the cleaner both of these elements are by reducing toxins and pollutants, the better for our over all health.

Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of water. A persons body is composed of about 70 % water (+ -) and varies from person to person and age. The body’s water supply is responsible for nearly every bodily process. This includes digestion, absorption, circulation, and elimination. Water is also the primary transporter of nutrients throughout the body and is needed for all building functions in our bodies. Water helps maintain normal body temperature and is essential for carrying waste material out of the body. This means replacing the water we loose through sweating and elimination is very important.

How do we know how much to drink? Good question!

The basic guideline for the minimum amount of clean drinking water per day is 8 (8 oz) glasses or two quart a day. Your health professional should be able to guide you with the correct amount for your body.

A drop in the body’s water content causes a decline in blood volume. This lowering of blood volume triggers the brain’s thirst center for water. This causes a rise in the concentration of sodium in the blood that intern triggers a sensation of thirst. Often we consume only enough liquid to quench our immediate thirst, but not enough to cover all of our water loss.

As a result, our bodies become dehydrated. Quality water is beneficial for virtually all disorders. Bowel and bladder problems as well as headaches can be reduced by drinking water. If not enough water is consumed, toxins can build up causing headaches and an overall sluggish low energy feeling.