Our Water at All About Water

We provide water to Meridian residents that has been processed with the most advanced filtration systems in the Treasure Valley. Whether you need drinking water for your home or office, or something more specific like distilled water, All About Water has the solution for you.

What kind of water do you need?

The Purification Process

City potable* water (source) enters the system with TDS** from 120 to over 300 ppm.

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* potable water is “water deemed clean enough for human consumption”.

But, due to the inconsistencies in the quality of the source water that the local municipality provides, makes it each individual’s choice if “tap water” is suitable for human consumption. Remembering that tap water quality is influenced by the weather, season/temperature, earth shifts, population, hydrological cycles and the chemicals like chlorine or chloramines added to the cuty drinking water supply as a disinfectant.

** TDS, total dissolved solids, in city water can range from 120ppm (parts per million) to over 300ppm. TDS can be hardness or other contaminants. TDS after our system is less than 1ppm and that comes from minerals retained for taste.