Our Story


All About Water was started out of the need of a family to find an affordable, consistent source for clean, pure drinking water.

The proceeding facts are brought to you, NOT because they are in the water business; they are in the water business because of these facts!

Once the family realized that most, if not all, the potable water (water suitable for human consumption) in the area came from ground water (wells and aquifers) private and municipal, they started to have some concerns, even though the water tasted ok some of the time. The health department as well as the media had warnings of contaminated water sources in different
local areas. This along with that all familiar smell of cow manure led to further investigation.

What they discovered was higher than usual levels, acceptable to them, of Arsenic, Nitrate/nitrite Uranium, Iron and several organic and inorganic contaminants found in water sources. Local Water Departments are only responsible for the quality of the water that leaves their system and not responsible for the water we draw out of our taps at home and the work place.
The founder of All About Water, Bill Stafford, comes from 30+ years in the health care industry. In several cases during that time Bill worked with water purification for Dental Surgery. Due to contaminants in city water it was unable to be used for dental procedures. Bio-film contamination in the small water lines of dental units was also a issue and Bill dedicated months of research and trials to come up with a reasonable solutions for these problems.

Having this background gave him a great apparition for clean water and an understanding of filtration and purification methods.

Throughout the years Bill has studied under and has been mentored by some of the top people in the Health / Wellness and water purification industry. Both Bill and his wonderful wife Cathie are committed to bring an affordable option of fresh, clean great tasting water along with exceptional service to the Treasure Valley.

The bottom line is, even though there are Federal and Local water quality regulations, it is near impossible to have consistent quality tap water. The only sure way to have better control over the quality of water you and your family drink is to be an informed consumer on the true facts about your local water source.